The Cat Breed And Small Cats Breed With Their Characteristics

The Small Cats Breed

Cats are known to be present on this earth from long back. Not only this, they are also considered to be the ancestors of many species like lions and tigers. Seeing the cute cats of today no one would say that they have any connection with those deadly species. Especially the cats breed with big eyes there face looks so attractive that now a day’s cats are adopted at a wide range of pets over dogs. There are wide ranges of cats present in the market depending on their size, color of eyes etc. Now let's discuss few characteristics of a cat which makes it different from other mammals.

Dogs are friendly and social but cats have an attitude that makes them cuter. Ever try to chase a dog he will happily play and enjoy but a cat gets angry. They have their own moods and they tend to ignore you always but if you do so then you are in trouble. Their priority should be always first and then the rest of the things. Cats are the cutest things on the earth, a small furry animal which makes your world seem happy.

Cats are the most preferred pets after dogs. Their cute mewling sound, long and shiny whiskers, tiny pink nose, wide opened eyes, fluffy little paws are some of the features that capture the attentions of animal lovers and kids. Their noses have about 200 million of tiny receptors which sense the presence and movements of rodents and small animals.

Their hairy ears can hear sounds of both higher and lower frequencies than that could be heard by a human beings. Their tongues have tiny spurs of keratin. Similar to those of human finger or tongue prints, each cat also has its unique tongue print.

Some Characteristics of Cat

There are many things which make cats different from other animals starting from their soft fur to their melodious voice. Let's know about all such things which cats possess.

  • Big eyes: There are many cats breed with big eyes which make them look different from all the other species present on this earth. Having big eyes also give them those evil looks in the dark nights of the forest. Many times you must have seen those twinkling eyes in the night while crossing a forest those are the eyes of cats which makes you scared. Similarly, these big eyes help them catch their prey and give a good vision of the surrounding. In spite of having such big eyes, they have a low vision as compared to humans. They can't see in complete darkness as we can. Also, they have a limited color vision. Some examples of cats breed with big eyes are Devon rex, British shorthair, elf cat, LA Perm, Singapura etc.
  • Size: Now a day’s many cats are being adopted as pets. The main reason behind that is their small size. They are small which makes it comfortable for the owner to take it anywhere they want. Unlike those big dogs, moving them from one place to another is also difficult without their will. But small cat breeds are very light in weight and you can also lift them up and play with them whenever you want. The small cat breeds are widely famous among the humans and some example of small cat breeds are American Curl, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Munchkin, Singapura etc.
  • Hair: Any animal having fur on their body makes it look cute. Similarly, in cats there are a wide variety of cats available in different lengths of their hair some have long hair, some have hair of medium length while others have small hair. You can choose the one you want but you should always keep in mind larger the hair the more you have to maintain you can't just leave your cat in dust. You need to take a good care of your pet from the external factors causing harm to the hair of the cats.
  • Good Balance and Reflexes: Cats have a very good balance they have a talent of jumping from any height and balancing their body when they land. The height from which they jump is very high and they jump from there without any fear. Also, they have very good reflexes as compared to the other animals. This is possible because of their light weight and their ability to balance their body even in the air while jumping.
  • Aggressive Nature: Cats fights are famous throughout the world and most of the time they are being compared to the fights between the women's. The aggressive nature of the cat makes it different from other animals as the cats are an omnivore in nature but as soon as it sees its prey it just finds ways to attack it and eat it. And if you are a cat owner then this thing should always be in your mind that you should never punish your cat as the aggression of the cat can be harmful especially towards the children. So, it's always better to love your pet and to make them realize their mistake without punishing them.

Another interesting thing about the cats is that they close their eyes while drinking milk. You must be wondering why. What is the reason behind it, the reason is that whenever they drink milk they only want to concentrate on the taste buds and nowhere else and closing their eyes while drinking milk helps them to do so.

Some Interesting Facts About Cats

  • Cats Sleep a Lot: You must be aware of the fact that cats sleep a lot but for what time and why they sleep for so long. First of all, let me tell you cats sleep at an average of 13-14 hours a day and this is because they want to conserve their energy.
  • Cats with bigger eyes capture the attentions of a fairly large number of pet lovers. Some of the breeds of cats with big widened eyes are:

    • Devon Rex- These cats are called intelligent as they are believed to recognize their owner’s name. These cats have short and curled down hair. Their eyes and ears are fairly large. This breed of cats is also known as Pixie cat.
    • La Perm- It is also a rex breed of cats. It is believed to be originated from the United States. This breed is generally known for its wide eyes and affectionate nature.
    • Sphynx- This breed of cat is hairless. These cats are warm to touch due to more body heat loss in absence of fur coat.

    A small breed of cats holds greater demand than that of average or large size cats as these little felines are very cute to watch, especially when they are sleeping. Small hairy cats look like a small furry ball.

    The smallest of all cat breeds is the Singapura. However, the other small cats in the list are Sphynx, Cornish rex, Devon rex, Elf cat, Munchkins, Ragamuffins, etc.

    A research has shown a decrease in blood pressure levels, depression, fatigue and hypertension in cat owners. Many people have also felt betterment in their immune systems after bringing home their little felines.

    The Cat breed with big eyes and small Cats breed

    Cat and Kitten Insurance:

    You can get your cat insured there are companies which take care of it. These insurance companies take care of your cats from its nose to the tail. It covers the injuries, emergency, and illness of the cats. They have various plans for the insurance just like that for humans. May it be an accident or a hereditary disease these companies have plans for all the health benefits of your cat. They have their websites also.

     You have to login become a member and sign in for any of the plans that you think is suitable enough for your cat. The only established company is healthy paws pet insurance which is present for cats and kittens. You can get the whole information about the insurance plans on their site which is The owned cats can be registered on the site and the plans can be chosen with which you are comfortable.

    Cat Homes:

    Street cats are not owned and therefore can undergo any miss happening like accidents and malnutrition which can lead to their death. To avoid these scenarios there are various cat homes available which are cat and kitten orphanages. These cat homes give away the cats to people who love having them as pets. There are rescue shelters and adoption shelters available for cats. And cat being the cutest animal is loved by all and also milk is the basic food it needs so having a cat as a pet is economical not a big problem.

    Benefits of Owning Cats

    • You can be stress-free if you own a cat because they tend to gain less attention than other pets and are always happy and cheerful.
    • Cats can save your life. We have been hearing from childhood that animals come to know about a bad omen earlier than any human and so can cats too. Stories reveal abut a cat saving their owners from a gas leaking blast also a brave cat was awarded as the UK’s Dunkin medal for continuing her work of catching cats even when the ship was about to sink, giving other people hope.
    • A survey has revealed that people who own a cat don’t have reactions against almost every small allergy like dust, grass etc. You can save yourself against cat parasite which is toxoplasma gone die by changing the cat's litter box every day and keeping proper hygiene.
    • People owning cats are found to be more intelligent than their fellow dog owners. They also have completed their degrees and can concentrate well on their academics.
    • A breakup or losing someone makes a person sad and depressed but having a cat gives you a soulmate for the lifetime. You can talk to them without expecting anything in return and be sure they will listen to you with more concentration than anyone else can and act as they are understand everything which is the cutest thing ever.
    • Watching videos of cats on YouTube and install makes you happy and lively.
    • Heart risks are reduced as you stay happy and don’t feel stressed also cholesterol decreases making your heart function smoothly.
    • You will sleep better if you have a cat beside you as they make you feel comfortable. Studies have revealed that sleeping with a cat is comfier rather than sleeping with a human.
    • Cat Diseases and Precautions:

    If you have a domesticated cat and you keep it indoors you can avoid all the diseases caused by cats. Keeping your cat indoors avoids all the risks of getting the dangerous diseases like Feline leukemia which is transferred through nose discharge and saliva or simply by living together, mother cat can pass it to the kitten so the only way to avoid this is by keeping hygiene in the area where cats are there and mostly keeping them in house. 

    Like HIV in human’s cats can also contract a sexual disease which is lethal it is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) where the immune system fails and can cause death, there is no cure for it. Therefore keeping your cat away from sexual activities is what you can do. Other normal diseases like flu, Diarrhea, and temperature can be cured by proper medication and care.

    Mentioned here are some of the features that must be looked upon before going for any cats. They are no different than humans when it comes to taking care of them. Cats are no doubts one of the best pets to own but owing them comes at a cost, as they are very delicate and sensitive creatures to handle. It is always said that owning a cat brings a good fortune to the owner. So if you want to play with a pet and at the same time, bring in some good fortune for yourself then, cats are the animals you must opt for.

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