How To Find Out If Cats Can Eat Bread?

How To Find Out If Cats Can Eat Bread?

The fragrance and taste of bread makes most of the humans crave for it, but does the slice of bread has the same impact on cats? Well we have asked many doctors and researchers can cats eat bread and this question has acquainted us of various details which we have briefed in below. Going further would help you understand if bread is a perfect meal for cats or not and how is it going to impact their health. Apart from that, we have also listed down the form and ways in which breads should be provided to them such that cats maintain good health and lives for a long period of time.

Can I Give My Cat Bread?

You should not feed your cat with breads often, as their requirement for protein and fats are high and bread majorly consists of carbohydrate. If too many fats are consumed in the form of carbohydrates by the cat, she shall not be left with any space for other diet which is a must requirement for your cat. Consumption of bread by cats should only be done in small quantities just to satisfy their craving. Apart from that, cat food should be taken to meet nutritional and fat needs.

Rising Dough is Dangerous

What is bread dough and why is not feasible for your cats to consume it? If your cats consume dough without being baked it might actually rise in cat’s stomach and create problems for them. Rising of dough might occur because of warm and moist environment in the cat’s gut. This can lead to abdomen stretch further causing extreme pain to the cat. In extreme situations it might also affect the blood flowing around the stomach, hindering breathing and creating other live threatening problems to your cat. If in case appropriate treatment is not approached on time, your cat might go into coma for life.


Nutrition Facts in Bread

Bread comprises of good portions of nutrients. Some of the nutrients are vitamins, minerals fiber, carbohydrates and also proteins. While almost all the breads are made of wheat, it can also be made out of other form of grain as well. The absence of wheat can compromise the quality of bread and might not create a good bread loaf. Considering the fact it can be understood that wheat is important for bread, and this composition is not sufficient for fulfilling cat’s needs. Thus, cats should be offered only 10% of bread and rest of the 90% of diet should comprise of cat food.

Why Your Cat Might Absolutely Love Bread

Every cat does not likes bread, but most of the times you would find that they would accept the offerings. You would have noticed that cats love to eat cakes, pizzas, muffins and other baked items. Well this is because of the fact that bread contains yeast, and cats are too fond of yeast. Yeast is almost used in every cat food and treats. Not only this, they are also being used in medications prescribed to cats.

Bread Is Okay for Cats, but Only in Small Amounts

A small piece of bread for your cat is fine, provided she consumes an ideal diet plan and is healthy to consume it. Trouble hits in when your cat is consuming commercial food which is balanced. If in case the cat is consuming the cat diet she is in no need of consuming extra snacks except 5-10% of her daily calories. On an average a cat is recommended to consume 200-250 calories in a day out of which not more than 20 calories should comprise of bed. If in case you don’t take care of it and provides excess of bread to your cat it might hamper cat’s nutrition.

Bread Is Okay for Cats

What About Bread Dough? Can Cats Eat Bread Dough?

Bread dough is not at all safe for cats. Yeast consumed in raw form can cause danger to the cats, i.e. once swallowed it can keep expanding in the stomach and lead to dangerous bloating. Apart from that, yeast also produces alcohol as a byproduct. Such alcohol in the body can get absorbed into the bloodstream leading to alcohol poisoning. It has huge devastating effect on your body which can head to respiratory failure and even seizures. For owners whose cats have consumed uncooked bread, they are recommended to visit vet immediately.

Raisin Bread and Garlic Bread Can Be Lethal

Bread is the most versatile form of food. It would be surprising for you to know that some forms of it can really do big harm to your cat. Out of all the varieties of bread, raisin and garlic breads are the most dangerous form of it. While consumption of raisin bread can lead to kidney failure, the garlic bread can cause red blood cells of cat to get destroyed further causing them to become anemic. Hence these two types of bread should be completely avoided for cats if you wish to give your pet a long, happy and healthy life.

Garlic Bread Can Be Lethal

Bread Lacks Taurine

If you wish to fulfil your cat’s need of nutrients, then bread is absolutely an inadequate option. Cats are carnivore animal and diet comprising of wheat or grain is not at all feasible for them. One of the most important ingredients which are not present in bread is taurine. Cats should essentially consume taurine because they are not capable of producing it on their own. Deficiency of taurine leads to tooth decay and hair loss in cats, further causing problems in reproductive system and even the cardiovascular system.

Cats Need More Fat

One of the most obvious reasons owing to which breads are famous between humans is they consume less amounts of fat. One slice of bread hardly has one gram of fat. It is okay if we consume bread, but for cats it is not sufficient. The dietary need of cat comprises of high amount of fat and it can only be met with huge meat. Consumption of fat required by cats is even higher than what dogs need, and this is the probable reason dogs food are not a good alternative for cats and it can cause their health to worsen.

Stick with Cat Food

If cat is pure carnivores then undoubtedly bread is not the right option to choose. However if your cats are in love with it, then it can be provided to them occasionally. You should ensure to bake it appropriately and then let them eat. Apart from that, cat food should be given such that their nutritional needs are met and appropriate health can be maintained for life.

The best part about cat foods is, it is made of different elements which are sufficient for meeting their nutritional needs. Hence it is important to serve them with cat food regularly such that they stay health. Apart from that, breads and other harmless food items can be provided to them on occasional basis.

What About Toasted Bread? Can Cats Eat Toast?

Since the inception of bread, toasted bread has been one of the most popular forms. I am sure most of us love consuming breads that way, but here the question is if your cat is safe to consume toasted bread? Well the answer to these questions is yes. It is completely safe for cats to consume toasted bread provided they should not be served with it in large quantities. While giving away cats some toasted bread, make sure to choose toppings wisely. There are chances that the spreads you choose are not safe or good for health of the cats.

Can Cats Eat Toast

Some toast toppings which should be completely avoided for your cat has been mentioned below;

1. Chocolate spreads: Hopefully you are aware of the fact that chocolate is toxic to cats. So make sure to keep them away from it and never include it in their menu. Hence even if your cats are in deep love with chocolates or are dying to have a taste of it, keep it away from them. By keeping them away from chocolates you are going to do good to them and gift them with healthy and long life.

2. Butter: Eating bread is a common thing to do for humans, but this is probably not the right choice for cats. Even though butter is not directly harmful to cats, but it contains too much of fats and calories for cats and can lead to health issues in them.

3. Peanut butter: Again this butter form is not harmful to your cat, but it also has lots of fats and calories to cause disease to the cat. Along with it, it also has unhealthy amount of salt which can again cause big harm to cats.

Apart from toasted bread or its toppings, is it a good idea to serve your cats with burnt toast? Well the straight forward answer to the question is No!! Burning bread toast leads to formation of acrylamide, which is dangerous for both humans and animals to consume it. It causes damage to the nerves furthering causing cancer to humans and animals.

Other Things to Consider

Are you thinking of the other factors which can affect the consumption of bread of your cat? While cats can take regular plain bread, it is not at all feasible to feed them with garlic and raisin flavored breads. It is toxic to cats and should be completely avoided. It is highly advisable to check the ingredients of bread before feeding them with it. There are chances that it will harm them and leave them ill for many days.

While it is good for cats to consume bread in nominal quantity and occasionally, it would be interesting to know if kitten can also have breads. Answer to this question is also affirmative. However while feeding your kittens with bread don’t forget that kittens are young, hence the quantity of bread provided to them should be less. It is not at all advisable to feed your kittens with more than one or two slices of bread. As kittens are sensitive and have a developing digestive system, it is important to introduce the new food gradually and find out if bread is suiting them.


Can cat eat bread? Well it is safe for them to have bread so just go ahead and try it. However don’t forget that it is only suitable in moderation, and bread dough should never be provided to them. This can lead to serious complications and no matter what such situations should be avoided.

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