A Buyer’s Guide and Reviews For the Best Cat Window Perch – 2019

Best Cat Window Perch
the Best Cat Window Perch

Installing the Best cat window perch can allow your cats to indulge in their favorite activities such as hunting, pouncing, swatting and climbing. It is best to allow your cats outdoor for their daily dose of fun and exercise. If this is not possible, you can opt always opt for the window perches to keep your cats from living a sedentary life.

 Such cat window perches are installed at a good height so that your cat can enjoy climbing up and down the perch and have a good view from the window. Cat perches can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. They do a great job of keeping your cat active and entertained all day, thereby reducing the risk of weight gain and diabetes.

What Is the Best Cat Window Perch?

Doing a little bit of research before making a purchase can easily help you get hold of the Best cat window perch available in the market. But how exactly do you decide on the best one? Cat perches can differ considerably from one another depending on various things such as the manufacturing brand, style and more. The Best cat window perch is the one that has a high weight capacity and offers optimum stability throughout their course of use.

Although it can be safer to have the perches installed at a low height, your cat may not like to have it that way. Hence, it is rather a necessity to have them installed at a high location. However, unless they are designed for an unmistakable hold, installing them above frequently used furniture can be a highly risky. Therefore, make it a point to go through the installation guidelines and manufacturer’s details very thoroughly.

The Best cat window perch should have a large surface to make it easier for the cats to crawl in and rest. As long as there is enough space, the cats can land safely on the perch. For an increased safety, it is also important to have the padding fastened securely to the perch. Look for the ones that use magnets or Velcro for keeping the bedding intact. All of these things can make a big difference especially if the physical ability of your cat is getting affected due to age.

When you are looking for the Best cat window perch, it is advisable to avoid cheap options and rather invest in good brands. The material and the manufacturing processes used between the two can make great differences to the overall quality and functionality of the two.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cat Window Perch

  • Since you are going to be investing quite a lot of money into buying the Best cat window perch for your furry friends, it counts to have a clear idea about the important things that need to be considered during the purchase.

1. The Size of the Cats

This is the very first thing that comes to question while buying a window perch. The perches should have enough space for allowing your cats to move in and out and relax in a sufficiently comfortable manner. Most of the window perches available in the market are designed for accommodating an average sized cat. These perches work perfectly well most of the times. However, if you have a large breed, you may have put in a little bit more effort into looking for perches with more room in it.

2. The Number of Cats

Along with the size of the cats, you should also make it a point to consider the number of cats that are going to be using the perch. Open perches are ideal for single cats. However, if you have more than one cat, you should be looking at closed perches so that your cats do not fall off while playing on the perch. The perches that are meant to be used by more than one cat at a time should be strong and sturdy and offer an optimum support. You can also keep two different perches in two different locations so that the cats do not feel restricted in carrying out their habitual activities.

3. The Kind of Window

It should be noted that different window perches follow different methods of installation. The perches that are intended to be used on different windows have a slightly different design. For example, if you have hung windows with sliding cases, you should opt for a window perch attached to the sliding case. Suction perches work best for stationary and hinge windows whereas if you have a casement window or the type that protrudes forward, it is best to get hold of the sill type window perches for your cats to play in.

4. The Design or the Kind of Perch

There are different kinds of perches available on the market. Some of the most common ones are as follows.

  • Hanging window perch – These perches can be hung on a window through strings and suction pads. Such perches are also very easy to install and quite economical as compared to their other counterparts. They offer enough space for the cats to play and relax.
  • Couch like window perch – These perches are semi-closed on one side so as to offer a very cuddly. However, despite the covering, they offer an open view to keep your cats from getting bored. Couch like window perches are attached to the windows with the help of suction cups.
  • Sill window perch – These are not installed onto window panes. Instead, they are kept fixed over the porches with the help of props and support, thereby offering a comfortable space for the cats.

5. Strength to Hold on Your Cat’s Body

To ensure that you have landed up with the Best cat window perch, go through every little information on the manufacturing details. Make your purchase only after you are convinced that the perch is capable of holding on to the weight of your cat. This is necessary for ensuring the safety of your pets.

Best Cat Window Perch Review

#1. Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

SUNNY SEAT Cat Bed, Cat Window Perch Window Seat Suction Cups Spac

 #1 Best Seller

This window mounted cat perch takes up very little space while allowing your cat to get the best out of nature. It is secured in place with the help of suction cups of industrial strength and can easily hold more than 50 lbs of weight. They are very quick and easy to install and also very convenient to clean. The covers can be removed and machine washed. The frame is made out of high-grade plastic and offers superior durability.

#2. SUNNY SEAT Cat Bed, Cat Window Perch

 #2 Best Value

This is a window mounted cat perch with the suction cup diameter of 23”. They are strong enough to hold up to 30 lbs of weight. Being made out of breathable oxford cloth cord, it does not cause overheating while maintaining a cozy warmth at all times. This perch comes with a warranty period of 12 months.

#3. Manufacturing Kitty Sill Ez Window Mount

This cat perch can be folded up while the blinds are closed. It has a sturdy steel frame with covers that can be removed and washed. The perch can hold up to 100 lbs of weight which is much higher than the weight capacity of most other perches. This lazy pet multi-cat window perch is perfect for cats that love bird watching.

#4. Manufacturing EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

 #4 Most Like

This window mount perch comes with a free K&H manufacturing amazing kitty pad. It can be mounted on all types of windows and has an open top that allows the cats to get in and out with ease. This perch is great for bird watching and gives a good lasting. It also serves as a great cat window perch for car. The included warranty period for this perch is 1 year.

#5. Manufacturing Thermo Kitty Sill Fleece

This lazy pet multi-cat window perch allows enough room for multiple cats to play at the same time. It is large enough to accommodate even the largest of cats with ease. It can be connected to power for heating and can be operated 24 hours a day without any risk. It uses super soft orthopedic foam and helps to keep the cats warm especially during the cold winter months. It supports around 40 lbs of weight and is approved by the MET Labs as very safe. The product comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.

#6. Manufacturing Thermo Kitty Sill Fleece

CO-Z Kitty Window Mount Cat Window Perches Resting Hammock with

 #6 Best Seller

This cat perch uses 4 heavy duty suction cups for maintaining a secure hold to the window. The frames are made out of steel and coated for resistance against rusting. It has a perforated net which offers good ventilation and prevents heat buildup. Since it is fully foldable, it does not affect the use of shutters or shades on the window. It has a weight capacity of 88 lbs and can easily hold two large sized cats.

#7. Pawslife Deluxe Window Cat Perch

 #7 Most Like

This window perch is very spacious and offers a large and comfortable space for your cats to rest in. They can be easily secured to window sills and serves as a great space for your cats to laze in. It is also very easy to clean and a great way to keep the cats off of your furniture.

#8. Cat Window Perch Hammock

 #8 Best Seller

This is the Best cat window perch in terms of convenience and comfort. The bedding is very soft and durable and does not require any assemblage. It is held in place by two suction cups of high strength. The bedding is also very easy to remove and clean. The perch offers a high stability and is made of industrial strength PVC pipes which make it strong as well as durable.

#9. Manufacturing EZ mount window bed

 #9 Best Like

This cat perch is highly versatile given that it can be mounted on any type of window. Since it is bounded on all sides, it makes for a great cat window perch for car. It has an open top that allows easy access and is perfect for bird watching in a moving vehicle. It comes with a K&H manufacturing amazing kitty pad and has a limited manufacturer’s warranty period of 1 year.

#10. Original KITTY COT “world’s BEST cat perch.”

 #10 Best Seller

This cat perch is Humane Society Approved and uses the big USA Patented suction cups for greater safety and stability. It is made using super tough ¾” PVC plastic fittings and pipe that makes it highly durable. The perch uses fabric that is suited for both indoor and outdoor use and offers a very high durability.

Type of product

The products that have been reviewed above are mostly the window perches held fast through suction cups. All of these products are included in the category of Best cat window perch. However, there are definitely a few differences between each product. To select the Best cat window perch to suit your requirements, consider the size and weight of the cat and make a shortlist of the things you want out of the perch, for example, safety, space, weight capacity, bedding material, heating and so on. This will help you select the best product type for your pet.

Guide to Choice Best Cat Window Perch

Of all the products that have been reviewed above, the Best cat window perch is probably the K&H manufacturing Kitty Sill EZ window mount. This perch can even be folded so that the blinds and the shutters can be used without any obstruction. The frames are made of steel and therefore sturdy as well as durable. The bedding can be easily removed and washed. The best part, however, is that it is very spacious and has a maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs thereby allowing enough scope for more than one cat to play at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much do cat perches weigh?

The average weight is about 25lbs.

  • How much weight can the perches hold?

They can hold 100 lbs in general. However, there are also a few exceptions that can take up to 300 lbs of weight.

  • Can they be used all year round?

Cat perches are actually meant to be used when the cats are not able to play outdoors. However, it is perfectly okay to use the perches all year round.

  • What if they fall off the window?

These perches are usually put to a lot of safety tests before being released. Hence, they never fall off the window, making it very safe for your pets.

  • Can they accommodate litter boxes?

If there is enough space, you may put in one. However, there are also a few perches that come with litter boxes incorporated.


The discussions made above address a number of different aspects of cat window perches. With this knowledge, you will easily be able to come across the Best cat window perch in the market. If your perch is to be installed through suction cups, make sure that they are working perfectly before you take them home. By selecting the right features in the perch, you will be able to offer your cats a super comfy and convenient space for your cats to relax and take a nap.

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