About Us

I am Louise R. Diaz, an ardent pet lover. This website offers useful tips and tricks for bringing cats and dogs together. To avoid a clash between dog and cat, you should take best possible steps. There are ways to introduce a new dog to an old cat. On the other hand, you might want to introduce a new cat to your old dog. It is very much important to create a controlled environment so that there will be perfect harmony between dog and cat.

The tips will help you undergo the basic obedience training for your dog. It should come when you call the dog. It should understand ‘leave it’. You should have plenty to treats handy to offer the best training to your dog and cat. In the beginning, you will want to introduce the baby gate between cat and dog. However, you should not inhibit the movement of the cat or dog.

The website talks about creating a controlled environment so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money. Until a rapport builds between dog and cat, you will want to provide separate spaces. The cat and dog should have the privacy to take care of their needs. They should be confident of their surroundings.

The food should be supplied at regular intervals. There should not be a restriction on cat’s or dog’s delicacies. The food should be served in separate bowls. You should get advice from a professional animal behaviorist so that you will get the best help in managing the dog and cat. Pet food, grooming, vaccination, medication and playing area should be planned and implemented in a very efficient way.

The animals should be trained to avoid cords, mattresses and other household items. Instead, you can provide pet toys. The website offers up-to-date information on bringing up the dog and cat together.