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The Cat Breed And Small Cats Breed With Their Characteristics

Cats are known to be present on this earth from long back. Not only this, they are also considered to be the ancestors of many species like lions and tigers. Seeing the cute cats of today no one would say that they have any connection with those deadly species. Especially the cats breed with big eyes there face looks so attractive that now a day’s cats are adopted at a wide range of pets over dogs. There are wide ranges of cats present in the market depending on their size, color of eyes etc. Now let's discuss few characteristics of a cat which makes it different from other mammals.

​Dogs are friendly and social but cats have an attitude that makes them cuter. Ever try to chase a dog he will happily play and enjoy but a cat gets angry. They have their own moods and they tend to ignore you always but if you do so then you are in trouble. Their priority should be always first and then the rest of the things. Cats are the cutest things on the earth, a small furry animal which makes your world seem happy.

Cats are the most preferred pets after dogs. Their cute mewling sound, long and shiny whiskers, tiny pink nose, wide opened eyes, fluffy little paws are some of the features that capture the attentions of animal lovers and kids. Their noses have about 200 million of tiny receptors which sense the presence and movements of rodents and small animals.​

Their hairy ears can hear sounds of both higher and lower frequencies than that could be heard by a human beings. Their tongues have tiny spurs of keratin. Similar to those of human finger or tongue prints, each cat also has its unique tongue print.​

Some Characteristics of Cat

​There are many things which make cats different from other animals starting from their soft fur to their melodious voice. Let's know about all such things which cats possess.

  • Big eyes: There are many cats breed with big eyes which make them look different from all the other species present on this earth. Having big eyes also give them those evil looks in the dark nights of the forest. Many times you must have seen those twinkling eyes in the night while crossing a forest those are the eyes of cats which makes you scared. Similarly, these big eyes help them catch their prey and give a good vision of the surrounding. In spite of having such big eyes, they have a low vision as compared to humans. They can't see in complete darkness as we can. Also, they have a limited color vision. Some examples of cats breed with big eyes are Devon rex, British shorthair, elf cat, LA Perm, Singapura etc.
  • ​Size: Now a day’s many cats are being adopted as pets. The main reason behind that is their small size. They are small which makes it comfortable for the owner to take it anywhere they want. Unlike those big dogs, moving them from one place to another is also difficult without their will. But small cat breeds are very light in weight and you can also lift them up and play with them whenever you want. The small cat breeds are widely famous among the humans and some example of small cat breeds are American Curl, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Munchkin, Singapura etc.
  • Hair: Any animal having fur on their body makes it look cute. Similarly, in cats there are a wide variety of cats available in different lengths of their hair some have long hair, some have hair of medium length while others have small hair. You can choose the one you want but you should always keep in mind larger the hair the more you have to maintain you can't just leave your cat in dust. You need to take a good care of your pet from the external factors causing harm to the hair of the cats.
  • ​Good Balance and Reflexes: Cats have a very good balance they have a talent of jumping from any height and balancing their body when they land. The height from which they jump is very high and they jump from there without any fear. Also, they have very good reflexes as compared to the other animals. This is possible because of their light weight and their ability to balance their body even in the air while jumping.
  • Aggressive Nature: Cats fights are famous throughout the world and most of the time they are being compared to the fights between the women's. The aggressive nature of the cat makes it different from other animals as the cats are an omnivore in nature but as soon as it sees its prey it just finds ways to attack it and eat it. And if you are a cat owner then this thing should always be in your mind that you should never punish your cat as the aggression of the cat can be harmful especially towards the children. So, it's always better to love your pet and to make them realize their mistake without punishing them.

​Another interesting thing about the cats is that they close their eyes while drinking milk. You must be wondering why. What is the reason behind it, the reason is that whenever they drink milk they only want to concentrate on the taste buds and nowhere else and closing their eyes while drinking milk helps them to do so.

Some Interesting Facts About Cats​

  • Cats Sleep a Lot: You must be aware of the fact that cats sleep a lot but for what time and why they sleep for so long. First of all, let me tell you cats sleep at an average of 13-14 hours a day and this is because they want to conserve their energy.

​Cats with bigger eyes capture the attentions of a fairly large number of pet lovers. Some of the breeds of cats with big widened eyes are:

  • Devon Rex- These cats are called intelligent as they are believed to recognize their owner’s name. These cats have short and curled down hair. Their eyes and ears are fairly large. This breed of cats is also known as Pixie cat.
  • ​La Perm- It is also a rex breed of cats. It is believed to be originated from the United States. This breed is generally known for its wide eyes and affectionate nature.
  • ​Sphynx- This breed of cat is hairless. These cats are warm to touch due to more body heat loss in absence of fur coat.

A small breed of cats holds greater demand than that of average or large size cats as these little felines are very cute to watch, especially when they are sleeping. Small hairy cats look like a small furry ball.

The smallest of all cat breeds is the Singapura. However, the other small cats in the list are Sphynx, Cornish rex, Devon rex, Elf cat, Munchkins, Ragamuffins, etc.

A research has shown a decrease in blood pressure levels, depression, fatigue and hypertension in cat owners. Many people have also felt betterment in their immune systems after bringing home their little felines.​

The Cat breed with big eyes and small Cats breed

Cat and Kitten Insurance:

​You can get your cat insured there are companies which take care of it. These insurance companies take care of your cats from its nose to the tail. It covers the injuries, emergency, and illness of the cats. They have various plans for the insurance just like that for humans. May it be an accident or a hereditary disease these companies have plans for all the health benefits of your cat. They have their websites also. You have to login become a member and sign in for any of the plans that you think is suitable enough for your cat. The only established company is healthy paws pet insurance which is present for cats and kittens. You can get the whole information about the insurance plans on their site which is The owned cats can be registered on the site and the plans can be chosen with which you are comfortable.

​Cat Homes:

​Street cats are not owned and therefore can undergo any miss happening like accidents and malnutrition which can lead to their death. To avoid these scenarios there are various cat homes available which are cat and kitten orphanages. These cat homes give away the cats to people who love having them as pets. There are rescue shelters and adoption shelters available for cats. And cat being the cutest animal is loved by all and also milk is the basic food it needs so having a cat as a pet is economical not a big problem.

Benefits of Owning Cats

  • ​You can be stress-free if you own a cat because they tend to gain less attention than other pets and are always happy and cheerful.
  • Cats can save your life. We have been hearing from childhood that animals come to know about a bad omen earlier than any human and so can cats too. Stories reveal abut a cat saving their owners from a gas leaking blast also a brave cat was awarded as the UK’s Dunkin medal for continuing her work of catching cats even when the ship was about to sink, giving other people hope.
  • ​A survey has revealed that people who own a cat don’t have reactions against almost every small allergy like dust, grass etc. You can save yourself against cat parasite which is toxoplasma gone die by changing the cat's litter box every day and keeping proper hygiene.
  • People owning cats are found to be more intelligent than their fellow dog owners. They also have completed their degrees and can concentrate well on their academics.
  • ​A breakup or losing someone makes a person sad and depressed but having a cat gives you a soulmate for the lifetime. You can talk to them without expecting anything in return and be sure they will listen to you with more concentration than anyone else can and act as they are understand everything which is the cutest thing ever.
  • ​Watching videos of cats on YouTube and install makes you happy and lively.
  • Heart risks are reduced as you stay happy and don’t feel stressed also cholesterol decreases making your heart function smoothly.​
  • You will sleep better if you have a cat beside you as they make you feel comfortable. Studies have revealed that sleeping with a cat is comfier rather than sleeping with a human.​

Cat Diseases and Precautions:

​If you have a domesticated cat and you keep it indoors you can avoid all the diseases caused by cats. Keeping your cat indoors avoids all the risks of getting the dangerous diseases like Feline leukemia which is transferred through nose discharge and saliva or simply by living together, mother cat can pass it to the kitten so the only way to avoid this is by keeping hygiene in the area where cats are there and mostly keeping them in house. Like HIV in human’s cats can also contract a sexual disease which is lethal it is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) where the immune system fails and can cause death, there is no cure for it. Therefore keeping your cat away from sexual activities is what you can do. Other normal diseases like flu, Diarrhea, and temperature can be cured by proper medication and care.

Mentioned here are some of the features that must be looked upon before going for any cats. They are no different than humans when it comes to taking care of them. Cats are no doubts one of the best pets to own but owing them comes at a cost, as they are very delicate and sensitive creatures to handle. It is always said that owning a cat brings a good fortune to the owner. So if you want to play with a pet and at the same time, bring in some good fortune for yourself then, cats are the animals you must opt for.​

How to Get Rid of Worms In Cats for Their Healthy and Happy Living

The 21st century often talks about the connection a human have with their pets. Humans and pets have an inseparable bond, which is difficult to understand and difficult to explain in words. Dogs and cats are the most popular category of animals to be adopted as a pet.

Let’s talk about cats. Cats love attention. They are aggressive and playful, aloof and independent, full of curiosity but full of mischief. Cats are just like humans. They are to be bred like children, groomed like adults and they are to be taken care of like old souls.

Worms are impossible to prevent. Basically there are two types of worms found in cats and dogs. Roundworms that are found in the intestines of the cats. These parasites lay eggs in the faces, and are then eaten by other cats. They are even transferred by the mother’s milk, especially found in kittens.

Then there are tapeworms that are passed in the feces. These are long, flat and segmented parasites that resemble grains of rice. The hair around the anus, cat’s bed witnesses these parasites. These are passed on through fleas, especially immature fleas. At the time of grooming, these cats might swallow the eggs or the immature fleas, in turn getting infected with tapeworms. Tapeworms are mostly found in small rodents or mice

1. Why Cats Get Infected With Worms?

  • Cats often seem to get infected by worms. There are many reasons why a cat often gets infected with worms. But one of the most common reasons is the eating of the feces of infected felines. Cat by nature is a predator. So when it comes out of the house, it often indulges in its natural form and gets contaminated with the infected was tages.
  • Apart from this, sometime infected mother cat also passes on worms to its kittens. The cats which stay out door and hunt and eat often seem to get infected with worms than other which stay at home. Most often, stray cats seem to get infected with worms very easily, as they eat everything unhealthy.

2. Types of Worms With Which Cats Often Get Infected:

Cat can be infected with different types of worms. Worms are generally an intestinal parasite. Some very common types of worms which are often found in cats are:

Tapeworm: tapeworm is a kind of worm which size may range from 4-28 inches. It is often found in cats which causes vomiting or weight loss.

Hookworm: Hookworms are very dangerous for kitten and often found in dogs and cats. These are very dangerous as they survive on animal’s blood. It may lead to the death of the kitten. Hookworm may pass from one to another either through ingestion or through physical contact. It may infect human being also.

Roundworms: These are also very common in cats. Its size may range from 3-4 inches. These also may pass from one to another either through ingestion or from mother to kitten.

Stomach worm: This is not common type of worm. A cat gets infected with stomach worm after eating any vomit of infected animal. The primary sources of these worms are crickets, beetles and cockroaches etc.

Wolf worm: Wolf worms are rarely seen in cat. It generally causes by botfly, when it lays eggs on any wound on cat’s body. It may cause heavy breathing, lethargy in them.

3. Wolf Worms: The Deadly Parasites

  • Worms, fleas and mites are parasites that do not cause much harm. Here comes, wolf worms in the picture. These parasites burrow into the skin of these animals and feed on the wounded tissue and cause infection. 
  • Wolf worms are the kind of parasites that lay eggs in an open wound. Once these eggs hatch, the parasites are passed onto larvae and then feeds on the wounded tissue, releasing deadly toxins as a result.

4. Wolf Worms and How to Treat Wolf Worms?

Wolf worms are considered as deadly parasites and should be taken special care of. The vet is an obvious solution but how to actually treat wolf worms when a vet is not available in a short span of time.

Wolf worms are to be taken special care of and should always be treated by a vet, but if a vet is not available in a short span of time, following steps can be applied to effectively reduce the effect of wolf worms:

Take a clean cloth and soak it in warm water and compress it.

Then place it on the wounded area for 5-10 minutes. If the wounded area cannot be found, look out for a lump in the skin.

After that, the worm is to be plucked out using tweezers, as soon as it comes to the surface

Wolf worms are tan in color and are half an inch long. They are slated and long and have a brown spot on one end.

Further, the infected area is to be cleaned using 1 part of alcohol and 2 parts of water. In the end anti-bacterial ointment is to be applied on the wounded area.

This process is to be repeated twice daily, until and unless the pet is taken to a vet.

When a cat is infected with wolf worms they may show signs of heavy breathing, lethargy, lumps and holes in their skin, which are to be treated immediately.

5. Worms and Its Types

Worms are the kinds of parasites that are impossible to treat. ‘Prevention is better than cure,' this phase fits in the description perfectly. The major question to be answered here is that how one should get rid of worms? A perfect treatment is not possible. However, oral worming products might play their role effectively, but the prolonged action of oral products is not guaranteed.

Kittens have to be treated carefully using creams and syrups readily available at pet stores or a vet. Kittens have to be treated twice or thrice for two to three months.

6. Symptoms of Worm Infected Cats:

Symptoms of worm infection on cat depend on the type of worm with which it gets infected. However some common symptoms are:

  1. Diarrhea,
  2. Vomiting
  3. Weight loss
  4. Constipation
  5. Stool with blood
  6. Big swollen belly etc

7. Worms and Their Treatments

In order to make your cat worm free, there are various worming products present in the market. People often question as to how to get rid of worms in cats using such worming products and to what extent such products will effectively treat the worms, keeping these parasites far off from their cats and dogs.

These products are in reach of the public in the form of pastes, granules, injections, liquids or on spot treatments. Following chemical elements are often found in such products:

8. How To Get Rid of Worms In Cats:

Cats are often found as infected with worms. Since they are predator by nature so they tend to go outside in order to hunt and eat uncooked, raw meat, which in turn may cause worm infection.

So, once your cat is detected as worm infected and starts showing the symptoms stated above, one should start take all the precautions so that it cannot be passed on to the human body. There are some natural ways to get rid of worms in cat. One may adopt these ways in order to get rid of worms in cat.

9. How To Get Rid of Worms In Cat Naturally:

There are some homemade natural medicines, which may help in getting rid of worms in cats. These include:

  1. Consumption of raw pumpkin seeds: Raw pumpkin seeds may help in getting rid of worms in cat. Since cat won’t eat pumpkin seeds, so you have to make a fine powder out of these and then have to mix it with cat’s food. Adding one tea spoon of pumpkin seeds powder with cat’s food per day helps in getting rid of worms in cat.
  2. Keeping your home clean: By keeping your home clean as much as you can, may also help in getting rid of any worm eggs in the house. In this regard, vacuum cleaner will be of great help.
  3. By using garlic powder: Garlic has many anti bacterial qualities and hence if a cat eats garlic, it will be of great help in killing many intestinal worms present in the intestine of a cat. Though garlic is sensitive for cats but it is not toxic and hence only garlic powder can be given to the cat by adding a little amount with the cat’s food.
  4. With the help of parsley or coriander water: parsley contains a large amount of nutrients which is useful in de worming a cat. By adding half teaspoon of parsley water with cat’s food or drinking water may help in getting rid of worms in cat.
  5. By consuming turmeric: Turmeric too has many medicinal values. By mixing 1/16th teaspoon of turmeric powder with cat’s wet food help in de-worming of cat.
  6. Carrot: By adding one or two teaspoon of ground carrot to the cat’s food helps in getting rid of worm in cat.
  7. By using diatomaceous earth: It is a kind of powder, looks like baking powder, which can be given to cat in order to get rid of worms. Only a half teaspoon of diatomaceous earth per day helps in preventing worm production in kitten intestine. It even kills the blood borne worms too.
  8. Neem oil shampoo is another natural way to keep a cat or kitten worm free. Neem has many medicinal values which kills and prevents reproduction of worm. So bathing the animal with neem based shampoo or soap is helpful in getting rid of worms in cat.

Since cats get infected with worms and there is no such permanent treatment for it so one can adopt theses natural ways to get rid of worms in cat. Once you detect the symptoms of infection you can start these treatments at home. Apart from these a visit to a vet is also very necessary to keep your kitten healthy and worm free.

Now a day, many medications are available in the market for worming. But before take any measure one should take advice from the vet as it is very difficult for us to recognize the type of worm, the cat is infected with. Hence it is better to take your kitten to a vet and take the preventive measures accordingly.

Apart from these, one should take proper care of the kitten by replacing the litter box of the cat. Litter box should be cleaned thoroughly. Moreover one should use flea control medication at home in order to get rid of it. Now a day, there are many flea control medications available in the market. So keeping house as well as the bedding of the cat clean and flea free is very important to get rid of worm in cat.

And the most important thing is to limit the cat’s outdoor visit so that it cannot come in touch with any raw meat of mice, birds, insects etc. As these are the main sources of worm in cat.

10. Chemicals Used for Worm Treatment

Fenbendazole often used to treat gastrointestinal redworms and lungworms. This can be used on kittens for two weeks and on pregnant queens.

  • Pyrantel used to treat redworms and praziquantel used for the tapeworms. These are readily available in the form of tablets in the market.
  • Droncit injection is containing praziquantel, for the treatment of tapeworms.
  • Droncit on the spot used for the on spot treatment of tapeworms.
  • Pfizer often used to treat redworms, ear mites and fleas.
  • Professor spot on used for the treatment of redworms, tapeworms, and hookworms.

11. Techniques Borrowed From the Grandma’s Recipes

Often heard about techniques from grandma’s kitchen. Natural therapies often prove out to be the best way for the treatment of parasites. There are several natural methods used to treat such parasites borrowed from our grandma’s books. In a world, where people are using chemical products more and more, after their continuous usage, looking at the consequences, the general public is getting inclined towards the use of the natural product to ease their pets of the worms and discomforts caused by the presence of worms in their body. Natural remedies are being used at par with the chemically approved techniques:

Garlic powder along with apple cider vinegar is a solution to shoo away these parasites. Garlic is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial ingredient.

Consumption of raw pumpkin seeds kills the larvae and adult parasites. Pumpkin seeds are high in anti-parasitic properties and keep the return of parasites at bay.

Parsley water, considered high in vitamins and minerals, possessing diuretic properties. Thus helps in the proper functioning of the body. Keeping the system healthy. This further helps in the elimination of toxins, having a high level of antioxidants.

Fresh papaya takes care of the digestive system, comprising of vitamins and minerals. They help in the elimination of parasites using the digestive tract.

Grapefruit seed extract, commonly known for its fungal and bacterial properties. It’s parasitical in nature, easing away the infections from parasites.

Turmeric, the age old ingredient, used for every other injury. This one ingredient is not only used by humans, but cats and dogs can benefit from it as well. Turmeric is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, easing the discomfort so caused by the parasites.

Consumption of onion juice is an option to ease the discomfort caused by the parasites. Onions are considered a good source of sulfur and are known for their anti-parasitic properties.

Extra virgin coconut oil is said to ease the discomfort caused by these worms because of its fat content.

Pineapple, a yum fruit liked by everybody is popularly known for its digestive enzyme bromelain. The parasites are flushed using the digestive tract.

Almonds, dry fruits that are a natural source of comforting intestinal irritation. It even helps in the reduction of parasitic growth, so that the parasites do not occur frequently.

Aloe Vera juice, used by everybody and one of the most trusted ingredients of the old age homes. Aloe Vera juice is said to contain elements that aid digestion, flushing out bacteria using the digestive tract and through the feces.

12. Prevention is Better Than Cure.

The above phrases completely fit in the carved picture of the presence of worms on the skin of our pets. Whenever there is a situation of the presence of worms, people are in a tiff as to how to control such parasites. What is to be done to get rid of worms, these are the kinds of questions that run through their heads. Parasites cannot be controlled. Proper care and precaution are to be taken to keep parasites at bay. To prevent parasites in cats, these below-mentioned steps are to be followed:

Hygiene is one aspect that is too be touched upon very carefully. Hygiene is one way that defines the healthy way of living.

Cleaning the home is a necessity when surrounded by pets. Cleanliness is one step to prevent cats from falling prey to these parasites.

The outside access to the cats kept as pets is to be restricted for their healthy living.

If the food is given to the cat in the outside premises of the house that needs to be removed after the cat is done eating. These will prevent the breeding of red worms and tapeworms.

The house of the owner is to be taken special care off and should be kept flee free along with the maintenance of good hygiene.

13. Garlic: Magical Ingredient to Cure Worms and Get Rid of Them

Natural remedies have always been the go-to solution for human beings. The age old recipes describing the ways and methods to cure the sickening pain, have always been a huge success. Garlic is one ingredient to swear on when it comes to getting rid of worms naturally. 

People are often skeptical about the usage of natural remedies and especially garlic for such treatment. Garlic is one ingredient that proves its stand and firmly denotes its ground. Crushed garlic should be mixed with the cat food or the dog food so that the worms can be treated using the digestive tract, through the feces.

Garlic, a normal ingredient found in every household, helps to boost the immunity system, in turn, reducing the chances of recurring infections. It increases the immunity levels and is considered anti-bacterial and antiseptic.

Garlic, when used with apple cider vinegar, proves out to be an amazing solution for the cure of parasites.

Yes, Garlic has many medicinal values. It is very useful for both human being as well as cat. But whether it is safe for cat or not is a debatable topic. However many pet owner give their kitten garlic in order to get rid of worms from their intestine. But garlic is not safe for cat

Cats are found to be sensitive to garlic. Excess amount of garlic may cause blood problem in cat. So it should not be given in regular bases and in high amount. Occasional adding of garlic in a powder form with the cat’s food may not be harmful for the cat and hence can be given in order to get rid of worm.

14. Cats and Dogs: Similar Solution to Get Rid of Worms

Cats and dogs are often termed as similar creatures. Both are loving pets, mischievous at times and a great companion in times of need. Cats have always been scared of dogs. Though these creatures are anti each other, yet they possess similar parasitic elements, giving rise to tapeworms and red worms.

Much of the similar can be seen among these creatures, but what stuns people is the exact type of worms found in cats and dogs. What are the various methods to get rid of worms in cats and dogs, is the biggest question asked by people, since these creatures are commonly pitted in a household?

Various injections, granules, ointments, liquids and on spot treatments are available in the market for the treatment of such parasites.

Garlic, onion, almond, black walnuts, etc. have always ingredients known to cure the parasitic infections in such creatures.


In a crux, it must be noted that cats are furry creatures, infected by parasites which can be prevented but cannot be shooed away completely. Parasites are to be kept at bay in order to provide our cat’s utmost comfort and ease.

Parasites can be of various types such as red worms, tapeworms, mites, ear mites etc. It should be strongly seen that appropriate treatment is done, for different types of worms so that no further side effects are seen.

Wolf worms are considered as the deadliest type of parasites, and if no proper care is taken of these parasites, they can prove to be fatal to the health of your pets. A loving pet owner always knows the ways and means to ease the discomfort of its pet and is aware about the techniques and chemical elements used to get rid of worms in their pets.

Fleas and mites are most common type of parasites found in every household and it’s the utmost responsibility of the pet owner to keep their house clean to keep such parasites at bay. A loving relationship develops when, there is effective care involved.

Everything You Need To Know About What Is A Tabby Cat

So you woke up one day and decided that you want to rescue a little cat and be her hero. So you rush through the lanes and go darting through the streets to find a cute little tabby cat and bring her home. And then it suddenly strikes you for the first time- What is a tabby cat actually? How are you supposed to feed her, take care of her and make her learn a pet’s way? Don’t worry pal. We all have been there sometime in our lives. Cats are deludingly cuddly while in reality, they are lazy creatures who just want to order their human servants around. Felines have natural hunting instincts and they tend to get bored easily, so how are you supposed to make them feel at “home” and make it obvious that they are at a better place now? How will you be a hero to them? Read on to know more.

Types of Tabby Cats

Before you can actually play the role of a hero, you need to do your homework and know about your cat. Whenever we wonder what is a tabby cat, many things come gushing into our minds including thoughts such as “alley cats” and what not. The presence of tabby cats is so ubiquitous that they are often mistaken for a separate breed and are often related with stinky dumpsters with tattered ear and long stripes on their backs. Many breeds accept tabby cats into their pedigree including-

  • American Curl
  • American Wirehair
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Birman
  • Oriental
  • Javanese etc
  • Exotic
  • Manx
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • LaPerm
  • Scottish fold
  • Persian
  • Ragdoll
  • Rex
  • Somali
  • Siberian Cats

The origin of letter M pattern on their forehead has attracted many legends and the one that is most popular is attributed to that of Jesus and mother Mary. It is said that Jesus was tiny and was fussing with cold when Mary asked all the manger animals to warm him up but to no avail. Then a tabby cat came in and comforted little baby Jesus with her purring and warmth. Mary was so delighted and grateful that she bestowed upon the tabbies, her own initial “M”.

Tabby cats are named after the pattern of their coat and there are four most common variations of these patterns-

1. Mackerel(aka striped) – this is the most common variation of tabby cats and is demarcated by thin narrow striped running down their backs vertically and somewhat parallel positions. These types of tabby cats are also known as Tiger cats because of the similarities in the pattern of their coats. Mackerel derives its name from this very fact too.

Mackerel(aka striped)

Source: petful

2. Spotted- okay, guess with me. What could SPOTTED mean possibly? Yup. That’s right. It simply means having spots on the body – of various size and shapes. Spotted tabbies have spots running all along their backs which often seems to be mackerel pattern in a somewhat broken fashion. They have distinctive “M” marked over their head and spot’s row is fondly known as vest button. The tail and legs are usually covered with a fine line of spots.

Tabby cats Spotted

Source: petful

3. Ticked- Well, do you remember that one time when you saw a cute, playful cat with shiny orange fur and wondered which breed it belonged to and your friend surprised you by telling that it were a tabby and questioned you belief of What is a tabby cat? Yup, tabbies can also have shiny plane backs and these are often categorized under the ticked type. Simalis and Abyssinians belong to this category. Ticked type tabby cats do not usually striped marking pattern but their face and agouti hair show alternate bands of light and dark color which prove that they are no less of a tabby cat breed.

tabby cat Ticked

Source: petful

4. Blotched (aka Classic Tabby) – These are the classic tabby cats and have marble cake-like swirls smudged on their bodies. They display vest buttons and an M pattern on their forehead as usual. Many-a-times, there is a wide dark band on their neck area which resembles a necklace tied around their neck.

tabby cat Blotched aka Classic Tabby

Source: petful

Life Span of Tabby Cats

An average tabby cat lives for about 15 years while an outdoor cat can Barely survive for 3-4 years. So if your cat has an equivalent human age of 21 when she’s 3, 40 when she’s 8 and 70 when she’s 14 years old. The oldest cat of the world was Puss, who died in 1939, just a day after her 36th birthday.

Tabby Cat Colors

Were you one of those folks who thought tabby means orange? Well, I for one, was among that brigade which thought orange is the color for tabby cats until I did my homework and found out that tabby cats are pretty colorful. They have a plethora or colors and patterns sketched upon them, and although orange tabby cats are common, there are other variations such as yellow colour tabby, silver tabby, brown tabby, etc. the three most commonly occurring colours are of brown tabby, with darker spots and striped pattern on a light background, the silver tabby which has grey stripes and the red tabby which has dark red spots upon a cream background.

Tabby Cat Colors

Personalities of Tabby Cat

Let us tell you that if you own a tabby cat, you probably have a cat-dog rather than a normal cat. Why do you ask? That’s because tabby cats have a different personality than most of the other cats. Of course, if you decide to adopt a kitten, you would be ready to lap up its lazy ways and would be expecting them to be like some indifferent granny sitting at one cozy corner of the house. But with tabby cats, you need to understand that they are fun loving, jaunty and friendly. In fact being friendly would make an understatement about them. They are not much temperamental and always greet strangers with lots of love. They have a laid back attitude and are not the slightest bit aggressive. What’s more, they even like the company of other animals and tend to befriend them quickly. Now, who wouldn’t love cats with such a happy go lucky outlook on life? I would definitely prefer one.

So despite the fact that tabby cats may not belong to a single breed; tabby cat personalities are moreover the same. Here is a bullet list of personality traits of tabby cats-

Personalities of Tabby Cat

Tabby cats have higher reserves of love and affection than any other breed. They do not fret humans and like to stay in families. They do have a habit of choosing their favorite person though like we all do.

Tabby cats usually display higher levels of playfulness and remain merry most of the time. They like sharing their play space with other pets in the house.

Like all other cats and her human counterparts, tabby cats can have mood swings as well. Of course, we can’t expect them to be jumping with happiness all the time now, can we?

Like us humans, tabby cats, and their behavior are seriously affected by the environment, they are brought up in.

if you are grumpy most of the time and buy a kitten in the hope that she would alleviate your mood, then you might be disappointed later because you are setting a bad example for her.

Tabby cats are the least aggressive of all the cat breeds and they rarely attack someone.

You get to have a very little say once you share your space with a tabby cat. You want them to go sleep? Nope, they don’t want to. You want them to learn this new clever trick? Thanks, but no, thanks, says the cat (giggling while writing).

Tabby cats are the rule breaker brigade of their breed and let us be honest. Who doesn’t like the type of cute creature that is willing to push beyond limits? Tabby cats don’t always listen, but they are fun to be around.

Is Your Tabby Cat Being Cranky?

So you went ahead and bought an utterly cute tabby kitten or cat to your home, wishing that your house would be filled with purrs and it would be paw some to live with this adorable creature but alas! All your expectations run down the lanes when you find the cat hiding, shying away or being grumpy. Well, for one, you must be prepared for this behavior for there are hardly any pets who can get accustomed to your house in a split second. On top of that, you have to realize that by bringing the little tabby cat into your house, you’ve turned their world upside down. You need to understand that-

Is Your Tabby Cat Being Cranky?

Your little baby cat has spent his/ her entire life in the outside world, so they have absolutely no idea about the know-hows of pets and things like litter box are kind of alien for them

Just before they were bought to the shelter houses or before you captivated the little feline, they were used to roaming about freely as per their will. So your tabby cat will have no qualms if she wanders about in your locality without letting you know initially. Understand that and respect her behavior.

If you picked up your cat from shelter house, then chances are high that she might still be cowering in fear from the clanky noise of the metal cages and the changes that are taking place abruptly in her life. Let her sink in. Let her breathe in the new space for a few days.

Cats have never seen things like a vacuum cleaner or any other household item for that matter. They will be scared. They will try to experiment. Either bear with it or simply cleanse the area off any such device. Period.

Accept the truth. You practically know nothing of your cat’s past. They aren’t telling you either. You can’t read her mind and they aren’t going to realize that you’re going to be a part of her life forever. Let some time seep in between you two for the trust to be built up.

No doubt, developing a relationship with a scaredy cat might be tedious, but it does happen. It can transform from a shy little creature to outright playful being. Give her some time.

Don’t behave like a parent to that obnoxious teenager who won’t listen despite of all your efforts. Don’t expect them to abide by your instructions because let’s be honest- which cat tamer doesn’t know of the saying- “ Dogs have owners, cats have staff” .

Cats do pay attention to you. Some things are done merely out of spite. Sometimes she does things out of her nature and hunting instincts.

Your tabby cat is result oriented. Yes. You might not realize but what you do and how you respond to her builds up her nature. Now you know why you should absolutely not feed her in wee hours no matter how cutely she asks.

How To Make Your Kitten Comfortable

So it’s time to be the hero for your little kitten now.

How To Make Your Kitten Comfortable

Provide them Food puzzles. Your cat is a hunter by nature and she is deprived of this instinct when you lock her up inside your house. Ever seen her bringing her kills back to home? Yeah, that’s disgusting but that is her instinctive behavior, and she’s actually thinking about you when she does that. She’s trying to feed YOU! Food puzzles are an inexpensive way to let your cat “Hunt” and scavenge for food and they will definitely enjoy their time while eating.

Keep life interesting for her. Remember when we told you that cats get bored easily? That mean you need to prepare a variety of toys and keep aside a lot of time to play with your dear cat to keep her entertained

Cats need their space. Make sure that your cat has her own special area with food, water and luxuries like scratching post and bed. And of course, a litter box.

Facts About Cats With Big Eyes and How To Take Care of Small Cats Breeds

As the saying goes Women and Cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the ideas, hilarious this saying with all the cat lovers who love this quote. You wondered where the word cat fight crawled from, those cat breeds with big eyes and those claws and nails used to fight each other is why Cat fights are compared to women. The fact does not remain limited only to the big cats but also to the small cat breeds. There has been various beliefs and lot of conflicting information around the world about cats but let’s know some truth.

"It’s raining cats and dogs."

“Fight like cat and dog.”

“A cat has nine lives.”

"To the cat's eye, all objects belong to them."

"What the dog is to a man, the cat is to a woman."

“The cat that has burnt its mouth by consuming hot milk will not even drink buttermilk.

Hey, have you wondered why all this had been said about cats? Is there something you need to know more before or while petting cats?

According to the Professional Pet Trainer and Animal Planet Pet Expert Andrea Arden, "Sometimes cats do not get their deserved credit. They are every so often considered as solitary, aloof creatures." But this can be far from the truth. Cats can thrive in a family with children, and can even learn to play games that are traditionally associated with dogs, such as fetch. Cats make perfect pets for some. Petting a cat may sound simple, but we must know the approaches before petting a cat.

Let’s start with some cat breed characteristics which will help you relate to all the behavior of these cool cats, so we start with the kittens.

Kittens are inquisitive, mischievous, playful, loving and of course independent. You need to socialize them early if you want a pet cat full of energy and mischief. Don’t forget the cats belong to the obligate carnivores, meaning they are dependent on nutrients in animal flesh for survival. Domesticated cats are predators just like wild cats. They can stalk and hunt prey using tactics similar to those of leopards and tigers. Grooming the kitten is the essential to keep your Felida (biological family of cats.) adapted.

Jaime’s Roe who has researched for 20 years on cats says “Their intelligence is scalable by the same ratio of adult human vs. baby human intelligence. Though they learn how to be cats and hunt fairly young, they don’t reach cognitive maturity until 3–5 years. First you have a baby, then there’s the teenage phase, and then there’s adulthood, senior, and elderly”.

Kittens have a desire to learn new things; especially you will see those chasing toys. Kittens like human babies learn quickly about their environments because they have to fend themselves. So like kids these intellects can be thought everything that you expect them to be, just need to spend that quality time with them. But before that know which cat breed is best for you and you really want to pet; everything

Facts about Cats with big blue eyes

Semi-longhair and Longhair Cats

American Bobtail, Birman, Balinese, British Longhair, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Javanese, Nibelung, Oriental Longhair, Siberian, Persian, Ragdoll, Tiffany/Chantilly, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, York Chocolate

Semi-longhair and Longhair Cats

Short Hair Cats

Australian Mist, Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Burmese, Bombay, British Shorthair, Burmilla, Chartreuse, California Spangled, Colorpoint Shorthair, European Shorthair, Egyptian Mau, Korat, Exotic, Havana Brown, Oriental Shorthair, Ocicat, Siamese, Russian Blue, Singapura, Sokoke, Somali, Snowshoe,Tonkinese

Short Hair Cats

Cat Breeds Based on Mutation

American Wirehair, American Bobtail, American Curl, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Cymric, LA Perm, German Rex, Japanese Bobtail, Munchkin, Manx, Peter bald, Ojos Azules, Selkirk Rex, Scottish Fold, Pixie-bob, Sphynx

Cat Breeds From Crosses With Wild Feral

Cheetos, Toyger, Bengal, Serengeti, Savannah and Chausie

Smallest Cat Breeds

American Curl, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Singapura, Munchkin

So if you have made your selection and wished to know about their features, it is really fascinating;

Smallest Cat Breeds

Physical Characteristics of a Cat

  • The Cat is Not Color- blind completely but their color vision is limited they can’t see anything in the darkness. Cats see less detail than we do, those upright pupils are not just for adornment. Cats have a special ability to see anything in one-sixth of the light required by humans due to two reasons. Primarily, in cats some rods are more compared to a human eye, meaning that their eyes can sense extra light. Additionally, at the rear side of the eyes of cats, they have covered tissues known as tapetum lucidum, this reflects light inside their eyes and gives them a second opportunity of seeing it. This tapetum lucidum tissues are also responsible for making the cats’ eyes shines brightly in the absence of light. Now, do you know why they use their claws so much?
  • Cats got a reputation for reincarnation because of their ability to jump and land. They have extremely good balance and reflexes, and have very flexible backbones, as they have more vertebrae than humans. So they are easily able to twist around quickly in the air if dropped from a height. As per an old proverb, It has been said the cats comes with nine lives, For the first three lives the cat plays, for the next three it strays around, and for the last the three The cats stays for a longer duration. The Greek believed to have come up with this theory because they consider 9 to be a magic number. They called it the Trinities of Trinity around the world.
  • Fighting cats are on top of the list when we talk about the cat behavior. Cats are aggressive; they are a carnivorous mammal. A few cats don’t like being petted at all. Experts say do not punish your cats ever. Their aggression can be very dangerous especially towards children. Some cats bite and scratch when you play with them, their attacks can be painful. They are vocal and use their claws to bruise and they can be extreme. So you can now relate to the “fight like cats and dogs’ saying.
  • A very funny characteristic is cats close their eyes while drinking milk, have you ever wondered why. They relish the feast so to concentrate on their taste buds they close the eyes. It is a sign of contentment, a lot of cats squint when they eat, too, if they're feeling relaxed. So it’s not true that "In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats." Friends we can keep knowing some these proverbs which were related to animals due to ancient myth, but do remember all these are just characteristics, and there is some scientific reason there.

Physical Development and Characteristics of a Kitten

  • Under The Duration of Week One: Eyes are closed, the head is lied flat with the ears flattened, and the color of the skin appears pinkish in color. Ears might be open but parts of the umbilical cord might still be present there.
  • Between 7-10 days: The eyes are opened at this time, but the ears are still flat. The kittens during this period are extremely small and can fit in your palm of your hand. They can crawl while their eyes are open.
  • 3 weeks or 21 days: Teeth start to come in, with their ears up and fully open eyes. The kitten will in a clumsy manner and try every now or then to stand.
  • 5 Weeks or a Month: The color of the eyes changes from blue to a different color and the kittens have finally started to leap and pounce. Cats can be provided with dry foods. They can be provided with other regular foods as well.
Characteristics of a Kitten

Grooming Your Cat

Grooming a cat is a healthy way to develop your bond. You can see cats licking and cleaning themselves which says a little help is welcomed. To keep your cat happy and healthy regularly brush your cat’s hair; let her enjoy with a comb; to let her anxiety out. You need to careful and gentle while combing her head and then groom her other body parts gently. (Don’t forget to take off your carpets), clip your cat's nails (remember their aggression), give the nutritious cat food and make sure to see the shiny coat which is a sign of good health. Take care of your cat if she’s well or not by checking lumps, rashes, and discharges on her body.

How prepared are you for bringing home a cat; read this part very carefully to help you make a decision;

Playfulness: Some cats are kittens throughout their lives. They are full of mischief and energy. Consider do you have enough time and how you would spend all the time to channelize their energies. Can you be their playmate?

Health: Unhygienic conditions can lead to some severe skin problems. You will have to take that extra care to keep your cat clean just the way you would deal with a child. They cannot express, but remove that time to run your fingers across their hair to check for ticks. You need to clean their ears and brush their teeth regularly. Regular checkups at the vets are a must. Extra care for the small cat breeds.

Food and Medicine: You need to fill the cat’s needs, though it’s not a big budget, you need to be prepared. Quality Food and water, Litter Box and Litter, Funds for Spaying or Neutering, Funds for all necessary Vaccinations.

Keeping Them in The House: Dogs hunt cats. It is a matter of survival if you leave your cats out. You have to keep them safely at home. Cats hunt birds which may lead to unwanted litter. Keeping them indoors is an effective step in protecting them.

Tolerance: Be tolerant while handling cats. Your cat can be vocal, can litter the entire house, can toddle between your feet, want to be out of the house, can dirty the house so be ready and tolerant.

Strangers: Not all cats like strangers. Neither do all strangers like cats. Make it a habit to keep them locked at short intervals, so they are prepared. Friends might not visit you to avoid your cat.

Pet-friendly: If you have more than one pet you will have to seem to be more careful. Cats love feasting on smaller animals. Remember they belong to the carnivorous family.

Food: Cats are meat eaters and that is simple. Unlike dogs they enjoy the meat more than the bones. I came across an article which mentioned that vegetables, cheese, fish, meat, eggs are some common favorites of humans and cats. So don’t forget to share it with your cats.

Milk No Good for Cats: Cats are intolerant to cow’s milk resulting in dehydration. Most of the cats are intolerant to lactose like many of the humans. This indicates that they lack the kind of enzymes that is required for the lactose to be digested. So be very careful, suggested is the lactose-free milk.

Cats Love Your Lap: Cats love to sit on the lap and relax. They expect to lightly stroke their spine. You will find them regularly hopping on your lap whenever they find you sitting or resting.

When Cats Don’t Want to Be Petted: Watch out for the sign of enough petting. They are not as patient as dogs. Subtle signals as ears flattening against the head

Tail twitching, Fidgeting, Growling or hissing and eventually biting.

Aging: The life span of a cat depends on various variables, their diet, lifestyle, health, breed and many more factors. But unfortunately, everybody grows old so do cats. But what you need to watch is the dental care, arthritis, hearing loss, vision loss, aches and pains, weak immunity in those last years.

It’s difficult to live without pets; you have spent those years looking into those big eyes. We need to give the best care to those senior cats. Be prepared to spend the entire journey together, its only then that the years together will seem worthwhile. This is a complete guide to cats consolidated for a quick ponder.